la luna y el espejo by Carol Ann de León

La Luna y el Espejo brings Guatemala's aura of mysticism and cultural richness to life with cinematic musical grandeur. The album takes a surrealistic lyrical approach and invites the listener on a fantastical voyage through familiar Guatemalan melodies, original songs written to landscape the tragic unfolding of love and loss utilizing popular literature and songs that awaken Mayan energies while tenderly weaving in sacred melodic prayers in the Kaqchikel language. 

La Niña de Guatemala

Bring poetry to life

La Niña de Guatemala is a poem by Jose Marti written in 1891 for the socialite Maria Granados, years after her death. Legends say they were in love, and memoirs indicate this was possibly true. However, in this poem, his betrothal to another woman is conveyed to be the cause of Maria's death, throwing herself into a cold river from the sadness of losing him. This musical interpretation is from La Muerte's perspective. While honoring the poem's sequence, it also aims to highlight the young women who tragically lost their lives in the 2017 fire at the safe home in Guatemala, Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asuncion. Original melody by Oscar Chavez, newly arranged by David Martínez and Carolann de Leon.